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Technical Data

BanFire has passed the NFPA 701 Test 1 standard for fabrics, which is referenced by NFPA Life Code 101 regarding hanging fabrics in public spaces. It has also passed California Title 19 CSFM Section 1237.1.

Testing facility was TexTest Fabric Testing of Alabama. Textest is ANAB accredited and an approved testing lab for:

  • ANSI-107 High Visibility Garment Standard
  • CSPS
  • MIL
  • California State Fire Marshall Approved Testing Laboratory

The section of Life Code 101 regarding fabrics in public spaces reads:

Life Code 101

BanFire is also rated as a Class B retardant for ASTM E84 for construction materials, tested by QAI/SGS Labs in Tulsa, with a 45 flame spread and 115 smoke development.


Useful Files:

BanFire MSDS



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