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Schools are often the subject of the fire marshal's scrutiny, and that's a good thing. But often they will notice decorations that have been in place for years that need to be treated with a fire retardant. Or a teacher will bring in new curtains, or an art project, or a piece of furniture. They all have to be treated.

Even the pictures on the walls need to be taken into consideration. Only a certain percentage of wall space can have paper decorations on them, and even less by emergency exits. Here's what Life Code 101 has to say about it:

Life Code 101

BanFire lets your school continue to be a fun and creative space - just spray the objects that need to be treated. We can even give you a business card-sized tag that can be stapled to the inside hem of a curtain to show that it has been treated, as well as everything else you need to satisfy the fire marshal.

BanFire has no odor, so it may be applied right on site. It is clear and non-staining, and very easy to use. Just spray it on, let it dry, then repeat. One quart will treat up to 100 square feet of fabric.

Many schools will purchase BanFire by the case, and keep a quart in each classroom, or in each janitorial supply closet.




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