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Eldercare and fire retardantsNursing Homes, Eldercare and Fire Retardants

Nursing homes and other eldercare facilities face their own unique problems when it comes to fire safety. Residents or their families will bring in their own decorations, curtains, etc. without giving thought about whether or not they meet fire code. Your facility may allow its residents to smoke in the building. Even if smoking is relegated to outside, burning cigarettes may still catch their clothing on fire.

All these things come under the purview of Life Code 101, which states:

Life Code

BanFire is a non-toxic multi-purpose fire retardant that meets NFPA 701 requirements for most eldercare situations. With no odor, it's easy to use on site, without having to worry about offending the residents with a strong smell. You can even treat their clothing to prevent ignition of the fabric.

Many nursing homes will purchase a case of quart bottles with the convenient trigger sprayer, and keep them around for when new items come in, or especially when the different holidays roll around.



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