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Day Care center and fire retardantDay Cares and Fire Retardants

Because of the very precious children entrusted to our nation's day care providers, fire marshals alway pay close attention to child care centers. They want to be sure that as many risks are eliminated as possible. And while some fire marshals are stricter than others, they will always be on the lookout for curtains and other hanging fabric that does not meet fire code. Paper decorations are also covered by Life Code 101.

But just because are rules regarding curtains and decorations, it doesn't mean you can't have festive things in the windows and on the walls. BanFire is effecive on most common fabrics and papers, has no odor, and is very easy to use. Simply spray the curtains, let them dry, then repeat. We can even give you the paperwork you need to keep track of what was treated with a fire retardant spray and when.

If artwork on the classroom walls needs to be treated, just lightly spray the back side of the paper and let dry. This way, the paper won't buckle and the inks or crayon won't run.

Often, one quart of BanFire is more than enough for several rooms, but many day care prefer to keep plenty on hand, so they will get a case of six or twelve.

1 quart - $16.95
1 gallon - $54.95
5 gallons - $225.00
(one gallon treats
400 sq ft)
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